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Have a Pixie’s London Tantric Massage

If you’re a fan of London tantric massage, then you’re probably yet to try out Pixie’s. We’re relatively new you see, but we have some of the most talented tantric masseuses in the city listed with us. All of the girls who have decided to list their services with us, all have very unique ways of performing their tantric massages and we think that’s what makes our agency so very special.

Don’t book standard London tantric massage

Because we’re in the business, we’ve heard a lot of stories about agencies and parlours that all do a very standard London tantric massage. By this we mean that there doesn’t seem to be any passion in it, or indeed much enjoyment on the part of the masseuse. This isn’t from us you understand? This is from our clients. You see, here at Pixie’s we are very aware that the vast majority of our clientele like to know that their masseuse is actually enjoying her work too. There’s really nothing worse than having a naked girl sliding all over your body if you strongly believe that she’d rather not be doing it.

London tantric massage dedication

The masseuses we have working with us at Pixie’s, like: Eva, Jasmine, Georgina and co. have all actually trained in their art and they are continually keeping up to date with new ways and experimenting with their clients. This is what makes them all so very different. With all their experience, they know full well what their clients like best and if you’re a regular, they’ll have your preferences stored in their mind for the next time you meet, you can count on it!

You’ll also find that they get along so well with one another that they exchange tips etc. And don’t forget that they all have very different body shapes and no massage will ever be the same!

Our London tantric massage is more personal

So all this goes towards making your Pixie massage a much more personal experience that you enjoy with your masseuse. Also, because all the girls are so very different, you are encouraged to try out a session with each of them. You may well find a favourite or two, but we are sure that you’re going to find their techniques so different that they’ll all become firm favourites eventually. You’ve just got to try them out.

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