The Best Outcall Service in City of London

If popping around to see one of Pixie’s girls isn’t your thing, you can have one of them come to see you, it really isn’t a problem. It’s not always convenient to get out and about if you’re a busy man, we are well aware. Or perhaps you just have a level of privacy that you’d rather keep extra secure. We don’t ask any questions of course; your reasons are your own. Hell, it might be as simple as the fact that it’s raining outside and you don’t have a brolly! Never fear, our Pixies are here to give you the outcall massage you dream about, wherever you are.

We are happy to visit you in your hotel whenever you wish, within reason. All you need to do is call us and give us the details. Our masseuses never usually have any problem visiting you in your hotel room, but should you be staying somewhere where keycard lifts are in use, you may need to make our arrival known to the reception or come down to meet us yourself. It’s really nothing to concern yourself with, of course, our masseuses are very professional, they’re all fluent in English and never draw unwanted attention to themselves.

It’s a perfectly natural thing to have visitors to your hotel room or suite when you’re staying in a hotel, no matter where you are. People have beauty therapists, hairdressers, fitness instructors, masseurs and masseuses, and any number of other professionals visit them all the time. And in our experience, there has never been so much as an eyebrow raised when we’ve attended an outcall booking. Our masseuses travel quite light, and they’ll only have a bag with them containing everything they need for your massage.

We are afraid to say that we will be unable to visit private residences to offer outcall tantric massage services unless of course, you are already well known to us. There can be no exception to this rule we’re afraid, this is for the peace of mind and safety of all the masseuses who work with us here at Pixie’s.

We hope that’s all you need to know, but if you want to ask any questions, please do call us +44(0)7481 124592

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