Our Camden tantric massage professionals are a stone’s throw away!

Our Camden tantric massage professionals are a stone’s throw away!

Camden tantric massageIt was Morrissey that sang “Come back to Camden,” we believe. And now we’re wondering if he ever indulged in a Camden tantric massage. Actually, no, he’s gay isn’t he? Either way, if you’re in Camden, or on your way at some point, make sure you call on one of our gorgeous masseuses, they’ll put your mind at peace and send your body to heaven!

Eva: Our Camden tantric massage angel!

Eva is a Venezuelan princess, with curves in all the right place. She makes sure that her body is in constantly in shape with regular trips to the gym to tighten up! This makes her firm where she needs to be and soft where you need her to be. We’re referring to her Camden tantric massage, body to body technique of course.

It’s one of her favourite things to do actually. Don’t get us wrong here, Eva is a true professional and if you book a standard sensual massage, she’ll have no problem doing a good job with just her hands. But if you want the best Camden tantric massage experience it really is best to opt for the body to body experience. You see, she’s only a petite, light little creature and when her body is sliding on top of yours, you’ll only feel what she wants you to feel; all the right things!

Other masseuses available

We have a number of other masseuses in the area. The beauty of being predominantly based around City of London is that none of them are too far away. If you’re one of the city boys who work in the area, your lunch hour might never be the same again after calling Pixie’s! Why not give us a call, tell us where you are and we’ll tell you how far away from a beautiful young tantric massage professional you are. We’re betting that it’s no further than a short walk!

Have fun!

Farringdon tantric massage specialist Jasmine will see you now!

Farringdon tantric massage specialist Jasmine will see you now!

Farrington tantric massageJasmine has been working with Pixies massage for some time now. This Farringdon tantric massage specialist has what some of our favourite clients would call “mad skills!” There’s little wonder that they’d say this really, considering her experience in the business.

Jasmine’s “Mad Skills!”

These skills have been developed over a number of years and with many clients. When you’ve slipped around on as many naked bodies as Jasmine has, you certainly learn what people like. But more importantly you learn just how much you need to slide around and for how long before your very grateful client reaches an inevitable conclusion. The art of this Farringdon tantric massage specialist is her ability to heighten the sensual and sexual pleasure of her client for as long as possible.

Genuine passion for life and tantric massage

If you’re already a regular with Jasmine, you will already know about her passion for life and her intensely sensual nature. You will more than likely be smiling whilst you read this too! If you’ve yet to have “a Jasmine experience,” it’s really quite hard to describe just what she’s like. When you get to know her, you’ll find her very chatty and incredibly easy to get along with. She also has an excellent memory and if you’ve been before, she’ll remember you and what you like. Her passion of tantric massage will be clearly evident the moment her gentle touch meets your skin.

Book your Farringdon tantric massage with Jasmine today!

You can book Jasmine for an incall Farringdon tantric massage in an easy to find, comfortable and well equipped apartment, or you could have her come to your hotel for an outcall massage service. She’s a very discreet young woman and will easily negotiate her way wherever you want her to go. Call us on the phone for any more details.

Call us today!

What to do after your Camden massage

What to do after your Camden massage

We should begin by saying that you’re going to want to do something that’s not going to be anticlimactic. Once you’ve had your Camden massage, everything is going to pale in comparison, so it’s going to be tough to find you something the keep your interest. What about a nice bar, where you can call up a few friends and have a drink? You don’t have to tell them what you’ve been up to!

Our top picks for bars in Camden

  • Proud Camden – The Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road. By day Proud Camden is a trendy, inviting boozer that welcomes just about anyone. Good company and reasonably priced drinks. At night this place turns into a lively club with a different theme entirely. It’s a burlesque bar would you believe? Now, if you’ve had your Camden massage and it’s at night, we would strongly urge you to go along and at least take a look at the place. If nothing else, you’re going to be titillated by the outfits!
  • Fifty Five Bar – 31 Jamestown Road. We like Fifty Five Bar at the moment because it’s literally buzzing in there, day and night. The cocktails are great, and even if you have a firm favourite, it’s nice to try a few new ones from time to time. We couldn’t think of a better place to loosen up even more after your tantric massage experience, or even before come to think of it (just not too many cocktails if you don’t mind!) It’s a music friendly place this one, so if you’re idea of comfort and relaxation is quiet, don’t go here.
  • Our Black Heart – 2-3 Greenland Place. As far as we’re concerned, if you’ve been energised by a good Camden tantric massage, there’s nothing better than some rock music. This place is a rock pub, make no mistake about it. Great live bands, in a great atmosphere. Expect noise and expect lots of fun!

Your Camden massage

Whether you go for your massage before or after your massage, you’re sure to be pleased. The masseuses we have available in Camden are at the top of their game, and extremely well experienced. There’s no need to worry about your nerves, or whether or not you’ve got your favourite pants on, in fact there’s not need to worry about a thing. When these girls get their hands on you, you’ll forget everything!

Call us when you’re in town and we’ll make sure you are well looked after

What are you doing in Kings Cross?

What are you doing in Kings Cross?

You might think there are plenty of places to hang out in Kings Cross, but it all depends what you want to do. We realise that you’re likely to have some time before your Kings Cross massage, or perhaps even afterwards, but do you really want to spend the time in a boozer? Let’s have a look elsewhere shall we? Perhaps we’ll try and keep you sober, at least until you’ve had your massage!

Coffee Shops are important too!

Alright, let’s go for the obvious choice. When you ask someone for the opposite of booze, they’ll probably say coffee because that allegedly sobers you up. Well, we wouldn’t want to speculate how true that is, but we do like a good coffee. Now, for goodness sake don’t hang out in those coffee shops around King’s Cross Station. We mean the chain stores like Starbucks and Costa. They’re awful places, where no-one seems to give a monkey’s uncle how clean and tidy the place is.

If you’re going to meet someone for coffee, or kill some time alone, do yourself a favour and meet in an independent coffee shop, where the staff (and hopefully owner) actually care about your experience.

  • Drink, Shop and Do. 9 Caledonian Road. A colourful, highly original concept at Drink, Shop and Do. You can literally do everything it says in the title. In the evening it does craft classes etc. so you literally can “do” stuff! The coffee is good, and the staff give a toss about your experience; probably because they like working there.
  • Pattern Café – 82 Caledonian Road. On the same road, but a different place entirely. Excellent coffee and good breakfasts in a stimulating environment. Again, served by people who care about your experience, and clearing the tables so you can sit down! We love the hanging lights in here!
  • Leon – Station. This is the only exception we’ll make to having coffee in the station. This is simply because Leon do make the effort, and it’s pretty healthy there too. It’s not jammed with all the rubbish food and cakes that you find in the massive chains, it’s got a nice selection of Mediterranean snacks too. It’s fast and friendly service in here.

We know good coffee, but we know good tantric massage even more of course. So when you’re in one of these coffee shops, wondering what to do with your time, think about us. Then all you need to do is call up on the phone and you could pop around for a quick rub down! Nothing like a Kings Cross sensual massage when you’ve got time on your hands!

Never feel bad about having a massage in London

Never feel bad about having a massage in London

Do you know what the best reason is for never feeling bad about having a London massage? It’s the fact that a huge percentage of people already do! And that’s not just men either you know. We see our fair share of female clients (granted, not as many as the men, but we know you have greater needs!)

Guilt is like a bag of bricks

You just have to put it down, guys! It really is as simple as that. When you work all week long in the office, or wherever you work for that matter, where’s the harm in spending a few quid on a real treat? A treat for your senses like a London tantric massage is much better than spending your money on a night stumbling around London City bars getting off your nuts on booze. An all-night bender will only give you a nasty headache, and probably cost you a lot more than a London sensual massage guys. So if anything, rather than feeling bad about having a massage, you should feel pretty good about looking after yourself!

What about your girlfriend?

Well, this is another matter entirely. We wouldn’t presume to tell you what to do in this predicament, but if you’re already here on this website and you’re thinking about having a sensual massage, then you’ve already made up your mind. You’re either in a relationship that’s open and she knows all about it, you’re in a new relationship that hasn’t set the parameters yet, or you’re not really that bothered about your relationship. You choose the answer that fits the best if you have a girlfriend. We’re pretty sure that they’re all covered with those three choices! Oh, and good luck!

A London tantric massage is nothing to be guilty about

And it really isn’t, whether you have a woman in your life or not. We’re not about to start having an affair with any of you! A tantric massage is a uniquely spiritual experience, that concentrates on the movement of energy, as well as being incredibly therapeutic. We ask you, why go and have a sports massage after your workout at the gym when you can make the experience more fun with a tantric massage, get the same benefits and have a beautiful masseuse doing it? No-one could reasonably blame you for that.

So, get over yourself and call Pixie’s now!

What it takes to be a Pixie’s London massage professional

What it takes to be a Pixie’s London massage professional

We should say from the start that we’re not overly keen on representing just anyone at Pixie’s massage. It’s not that we don’t want to be successful (we already are!), it’s that we tend to lean a lot more heavily towards customer experience. This is what guarantees us repeat bookings, and this is what makes the girls we already represent want to stay with us.

For you see, we don’t force them to be represented by us. The London massage professionals we represent are free to advertise their massage services anywhere they want, to be honest. It’s just that they find that they don’t have to when they’re listed with us.

We are a big London massage family

We like to get to know those who list with us, and we all get along famously. It’s not unusual for us to meet for drinks and/or dinner when we’re not busy giving tantric massages to our lovely clients. We’re all into pretty much the same things, and the one thing that unites us all is tantric massage of course”

Proper tantric massage

Which bring us neatly around to what really makes a Pixie’s Massage girl. She simply must be a true tantric massage professional, make no mistake about it. Training in massage techniques is essential in order to develop your own unique sensual massage experience for your clients. And we strongly encourage the development of a masseuse’s own techniques if she were to work with us at Pixie’s. It makes it so much more fun for our clients when they choose to have a massage by a different masseuse. Everyone has their favourites of course!

Are you serious about tantric massage?

Even though we said we’re very particular, if you are truly passionate about tantric massage, and you’d like to join a team of girls who have an equal amount of zeal, do get in touch. There’s always a place for the next amazing young lady with talents untold you know! You can go along to our recruitment page and fill it out. We’ll be in touch if we’re interested!

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