Gentler than what? Well, today we’re going to talk about Thai massage a little. Not that we have anything against Thai massage of course. It’s just that the proper traditional Thai style massage is a little fierce on the joints if you know what we mean. Here’s a little video of a traditional Thai massage in Berlin. We wouldn’t want to advertise any of the providers in London would we? We’re the only Camden Town sensual massage you need!

You’ll see that no matter how beneficial that massage may be, it’s nothing to do with “sensual”. The woman getting massaged may well feel relaxed afterwards, but we could also argue that a person with a less than supple body may actually feel as though they’ve been pressed through a mangle! For those of you who are too young to know what that is, it’s a device they used to use to get all the water out of a garment after washing it!

Camden Town sensual massageCamden Town sensual massage won’t hurt!

We can guarantee that our Camden Town sensual massage will not hurt! We won’t be climbing on top of you and digging our knees into your back at any point. Climbing on top of you yes. Naked? Yes. But there’s not bending you into positions you’d never dream of being in, so don’t worry.

They are indeed two different types of massage

So, as we said, a traditional Thai massage may well be beneficial to some, it’s totally different to a sensual massage of any type. Once you’ve experienced our Camden Town sensual massage, you’ll never even contemplate getting a traditional massage of any type, Thai or otherwise (unless it’s a traditional tantric massage of course!) All of our masseuse are trained and highly experienced in the art of tantric massage, Nuru massage and anything else sensual you could think of pertaining to massage!

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