Pixies at The Barbican

We are very pleased to announce that our gorgeous little Pixies are now offering Barbican tantric massage services! We usually add an incall location or two when new masseuses join the team, or we actually realist that one of our incall massage locations isn’t far from somewhere else. In this case, your Barbican sensual massage will be brought to you by the wonderful Jasmine! She’s the closest and she’s very, very good at what she does!

Incall Barbican sensual massage service

Don’t worry by the way, we’re not one of those agencies that lists all our masseuses in all the areas we cover. We are not likely to send you walking for miles and miles for your Barbican sensual massage, when ideally you want it just a few minutes’ walk away, or at the very most a short cab ride.

If you’re early for your Barbican sensual massage

If you’re early, there are tons of things you could be doing in Barbican. The Barbican Centre for one! There’s always plenty to do there, and they also have a pretty serviceable coffee shop. It’s nothing special, but they’ve got everything you might want. There’s also a ton of tables and chairs outside if you you’re a smoker or it’s just a nice day. You might want to try out some of these places too if you’re hanging around for a while.

  • Neo Barbican – 14-17 Carthusian Street. It’s a nice underground bar that serves a variety of cocktails and Italian snacks and small plates. Nice ambience and there are plenty of quiet places to sit if you go during the day.
  • Fix Coffee – 161 Whitecross Street. This coffee shop has chandeliers, so we like this place a lot! Call us old fashioned, but we like a nice environment to enjoy very fresh coffee. It’s a very groovy place.
  • Bonfire – Barbican Centre, Silk Street. If you like burgers, this is one of the best places to get them in this area. And it beats the hell out of any McDonalds of course! It’s a pretty fashionable place, in that whole urban/industrial style.

Waiting in one of these places for your Barbican sensual massage bookings is a much better idea than mooching up and down on the street looking dodgy anyway right? Just remember that if you’re going to go to the boozer, please don’t drink too much. Neither you, nor Jasmine will get as much enjoyment out of your massage!

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